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Thread: Andrea Rodman or Andrea Malone? Which Sounds Better?

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    Default Andrea Rodman or Andrea Malone? Which Sounds Better?

    So now Andrea wants to be that rebounder we've been praying for him to become. I hope he doesn't try and emulate Rodman's antics off the court (although that would be kind of funny) but instead for his amazing ability to rebound much like Dennis and Moses Malone did when they ruled the courts back in the day. (I know, I'm exaggerating)

    One great game on the boards from Andrea and already he's setting his standards pretty high. All power to him if he can reach that goal, I'm just not buying it.

    In his fourth NBA season, the former first overall understands the first rule of floor time. If you want it, you have got to give the coach what he wants. No quid pro, yes bench.

    ďItís the only way to stay on the court. If you donít score, donít rebound and donít play defence, why would the coach keep you on the court?Ē

    But Bargnani wasnít surprised and this is what is remarkable about him. He never seems to doubt himself. Itís just that he doesnít say so unless he is asked.

    ďSooner or later I thought it (the rebounds) was going to happen,Ē he said.

    Thatís interesting. Bargnaniís previous best was 11, a plateau he has hit two other times. This is only the sixth time in 38 games this season he has hit double figures.

    So why does he think he can do so much more.

    Well, for one, he has been improving. This seasonís 6.4 rebounds per game are a career high. Second, rebounding is something that comes with experience since players have to track both the ball and their opponents. It takes years to accrue the necessary skills.

    ďI definitely have to improve,Ē said Bargnani. ďItís the aspect of my game that is more, I would say, bad. Ten a game would be nice but I have a long way to go.Ē
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    please just watch vid

    might change your opinion

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