This via ESPN and the "Weekend Dime".

The Raptors continue to explore possible trades for recently acquired Peja Stojakovic and his expiring $15 million salary, but sources close to the situation say with increasingly regularity that Stojakovic is far more likely to be bought out by Toronto than dealt again.

Financial flexibility to take into the NBA's new frontier of the next labor agreement would appear to appeal more to the Raps than taking on long-term salary.

Stojakovic has played in two games since he was dealt to Toronto in the Jarrett Jack deal on Nov. 20, thanks largely to a troublesome knee, but he's sure to attract interest from multiple contenders if he does make it to the open market as expected.

As long as he's released by March 1, Stojakovic will be eligible to play in the playoffs for another team. It is generally assumed in front-office circles that the Raptors will work with the Serbian sharpshooter if they can't find a trade for him, since Stojakovic had to waive $437,470 of his $1.2 million trade kicker for the salary-cap math to work in the New Orleans/Toronto deal and to allow the Raps to shed the contracts of Jack and Marcus Banks.
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