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Thread: Stojakovic Likely to Be Bought Out

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    Can't we just keep Peja? i don't know much about all this cap space stuff and i'm only 14 so u can't expect me to have a high basketball iq. But don't u think we could use peja? he is one of the best 3 point shooters

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    Quote Legalize-It wrote: View Post
    no i really like the trade...

    and twice you have posted that i have said i dont like anything BC has done, which is not true...

    in fact admins, if anyone can find a post where i even remotely say that there is not one thing bc has done that i like, i will not only stop posting but i will donate $1000 to RR...

    matt52, you make up stuff about the people who disagree with you...

    i can find 3 examples where you have done this, not just with me.

    i like the hoffa trade, i like the signing of douby and pops. i like the JJ signing... even trying to acquire salmons, i thought was a good move by bc.... his drafting of DD and davis...fred jones... a lot of the low risk high reward stuff bc has done has been really good.

    its when he trades draft picks that i think he doesnt understand that draft picks get paid a lot less.. like serge ibaka (a late 1st round pick) could do what amir does, and do it for one third of the price...

    the argument we had before, was not about what we think of the trade, it was about the value of peja's expiring contract.

    you like usual, were so sure of yourself and thought it was great that we got to expiring contract of peja, which you said we could use to acquire other players.

    i stated that if peja's contract was worth so much, that NOH would not have traded it for 2 bench players...

    now the raps are either going to have to pay peja close to 14 million this year, or buy him out...

    if bc has any sense of the market right now, he would have known, expirings are not worth anything this year, and not taken paja's contract without getting something more from NOH (maybe even a 2nd round pick)... anything

    raps acquired peja's expiring - matt's reaction: oh yes we can flip that for more assets

    raps wil not flip paja for anything and will lose money to buy him out - matt's reaction: oh yes, now it will be easier for someone else to sign peja... good move for the raps..

    which part of this is wrong ?

    and please show me the post where i said i dont like ANYTHING BC has done... i guarantee u cant, so stop with ur lies...

    that shit only works in an internet forum
    There is nothing new to be added to anything above. Most posts are going in circles. All the posts are online and at the BC is an architect thread for yourself or anyone who cares (not many I'm sure) to read. The fact that in other, more recent threads you are on the attack is, well, scary. Best of luck to you.

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