This is not a bash Weems thread because he is out injured and Kleiza has had 2 good games in a row.

Rather, the last two games has shown how much duplicity there is between the games of DD and Weems in terms of spacing. DD drives more and Weems plays more of a mid range game but the bottom line is both can only play inside 18-20 feet.

Kleiza has been super inconsistent but when he can stand outside behind the 3 point line and be a threat to score, it opens up other possibilities for the Raptors. Also he helps clear the glass which is needed at the 3 on a team featuring Bargnani.

The biggest difference for Kleiza the last 2 games has been NOT DRIBBLING. Today against LAL, he only made multiple dribbles trying to create once and it was a TO.

I think Kleiza should stay starting even when Weems returns.

Hopefully one of the biggest goals this summer is upgrading the 3/SF.