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I'm trying to think who else was on his college team. Thabeet and.... can't remember if it was a point guard but the two of them really stood out in the college games that i seen. I remember watching a couple games and was impressed with his athleticism for a guy his height. He moved very well for a big man. He had the 'hunger' too it seemed.

I was disappointed that Thabeet hasn't gotten any burn in the NBA yet, I think. They shipped him right to the D-League right? I guess he's gotta put the pounds on before teams wants his services. I mean Keon Clark found his niche for his Bone-Rack frame. I guess Thabeet knowledge of the game must be lacking if they couldn't find some time in the NBA rotation.

I think the kid could be GOOD.... but I haven't seen him play with the big boys yet! I'm open to a taking a good look at him. We should be just focusing on acquiring assets in this REBUILD time buy trading UP if we can and he fits the bill if you *don't* give up too much. He's not what we need, but IF the Toronto organization thinks we could defiantly benefit in the long run...well... we are in a long term 2-3yr rebuild anyway.

So...depends on what we give up for him. He's def a top 10 pick, Height/Athleticism/Hunger were things I really noticed in the 2-3 game I seen.
They didn't ship him right to the D-League. If I remember correct he was only there for a couple weeks or so. He's def in the doghouse there and he has reputation of having a Darko-esque bust throughout the league. I remember one scout said that "He needs to work on his defense and offense."

He's still getting the occasional DNP, and for a team without a backup C, that's pretty bad. I wouldn't be surprised if he leads the league in Fouls Per Minute, but I'm too lazy to check.

For the record I wouldn't trade for him. And the Grizz aren't gonna trade Gasol, that doesn't make sense. Mind you, it's their GM is a joke, so who knows.