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Thread: What would you trade to get Yao?

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    Default What would you trade to get Yao?

    According to Yahoo Sports the Rockets are looking to deal Yao -

    There is a possibility that he will never play again, but there is a chance he could make another recovery.

    If that Raptors could get him - what would you give up?

    According to the Trade Machine we could do Peja for Yao straight up... but the Rockets are likely looking for some talent back. So could be give them DD in a seperate trade?
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    MLSE would probably give anyone on our roster for a chance at Yao. You've got to realize that Yao is much more than a basketball player. He's a global icon. The Rocket's television ratings in China is through the roof because Yao plays for them. If he were to be traded here, even if he didn't play much, MLSE would make a major profit.
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    Peja for Yao straight up.

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    tempting to give away yes,
    but too much risk involved.
    Expiring contracts, second round picks.

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