As much as I don't want this season to be over with yet, apart me does to see how the Bosh saga rolls out.

If Colangelo is feeling the heat, then it is unlikely that heíll move Bosh before the February deadline. Heís going to have a tough time getting equal value because the whole league knows that since the Raptors are losing, Bosh is likely to bolt. Why would other teams trade for a guy that they can sign in six months?

Well, one reason to believe that Bosh may indeed be on the move is that a team out there (like, say, the Miami Heat, who have their own superstar to worry about) might want to acquire Bosh now and not wait until the summer to try to sign him. In the case of the Heat, it would be doubly important because trading for Bosh would almost certainly convince Wade to stay in sunny Miami next summer. (Unless, of course, he already has other plans.)

Doesnít a deal that would send Bosh and the bad contracts of Marcus Banks and Reggie Evans to Miami for Michael Beasley and Jermaine OíNealís expiring contract make a lot of sense for both teams? Yes, itís not equal value for Bosh, but the Raptors would get a good young player (Beasley) and would save almost $10 million next season. In fact, theyíd have $8 million of cap space to spend if they so choose. All of this for a guy they have almost no chance of re-signing anyway.

I know Heat fans would want to do this. What about Raptor fans?
Ugh ... I don't think I could stomach JO again. Although it would only be a temporary stay.

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