At the beginning of last season i was really hyped up about Derozan and how he would do his rookie year. This was without any knowledge that he was (at the time) 20 years old and only had 1 year of college ball. Throughout the whole 2009-2010 season i was beyond frustrated at Demar, along with a lot of others. I expected him to average 15 points a game and be one of the leaders of the raptors. This obviously didn't happen, i thought he was just another high flyer who just wanted to dunk. Then i saw the documentary after the season called one rookie i watched and was really excited for the future of this young man. I discovered that he is very humble and very hard working. He started this season off well averaging around 13 ppg and 3 rpg with almost 2 assists. I think if he continues to improve his shot and continue to become consistent he can become a 18-22 point per night man. What do you think?