The beginning of the 2010-2011 season was disappointing to me, being one of the teams to lose their all stars to the Heat, I expected the Raptors to be much, much better than Cleveland, don't get me wrong they really, really are (if your not following their record they are 8-25 and are just terrible, they also own 3 former raptors. Jamario, Joey and Anthony Parker)

however we are also not doing to well with a 11-21 record placing 11 in the East. Considering the amount of injuries we have it's a barely record (in my opinion).

How our players played (my opinion)

Andrea: Played well until he got injured, much speculation on if the Raptors need him or not.

Joey Dorsey, Ed Davis: hard working, i was really happy with their efforts and offensive rebounding.

Young Onez: Playing with a lot of heart and soul out there, there have been growing pains for all of them but its comforting to know that their best games are to come.

Jose: Passing great and scoring decently, uncharacteristic turnovers are killing the Raps tho.

Bayless: playing with lots of heart, a tough kid.

Barbosa and Kleiza: Need to regain preseason form

Julian Wright: Always plays well WHEN he plays

(Im not writing about Ronald Dupree (am i spelling that right?) or Solomon Alabi because they dont really play).

10 things I expect going into the new year are...

1. at least 15 more wins

2. A big trade that will benefit the Raptors (possibly Kleiza, Barbosa, etc)

3. The Young Onez WILL NOT lose a member (The reason is because they all have so much potential, the average age is 22.6

4. Demar to get to a new level of playing and become a lot more consistent

5. Andrea to finish the year with 20 points a game. (even if he's traded which i dont think will happen)

6. Bayless to take over the starting point guard position for a small portion of the remainder of the season.

7. Calderon to stop making retarded turnovers

8. Joey Dorsey will become a part of the Raptors rotation even when all of our players are back.

9. Sonny Weems will not get his starting 3 spot back.

10. Derozan will receive a larger role in Tdots offense and get a load more touches down the road.

What yall think? what do you expect? what do you disagree with? what do you agree with?