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    Default Tales from the Court....

    ...Just thought I'd put together a few snippets of details of my Courtside experiences vs

    ~ VIP COURTSIDE EAST ROW B SEATS 3,4 .. basically 3/4th seat beside the CELTICS Bench under the Net
    ~ Just looking at the CELTICS bench alone is sheer intimidation and (if you're a true basketball fan) utter amazement and joy
    ~ Couldn't help but WANT to put myself in a TRUE CELTIC fans shoes knowing THAT was my home squad on the floor...
    ~ Sizing up Rondo, he's not all that tall, nor big.. but his FRAME is pretty wide
    ~ BIG BABY...I'm almost guaranteeing the guys' wearing a 'BRO' underneath his jersey.. there's definite SAGGAGE going on there
    ~ the DIESEL, sits on 4 cushions extra on top of his was an odd site to see. AT first I saw nate sitting on it and it kinda made sense as I guess he's smaller then everyone else, but once shaq came off the floor it was all his ... #ICYHOT related maybe??
    ~ PAUL PIERCE IS THE CELTICS! Not only does he garner so much respect amongst everyone, he CARRIES the SWAG of the team.. it's a non-chalant, no BS type of SWAG that you wish each and every player on your team carried
    ~ It's the ... 'GIMME THE BALL, I'LL GET IT DONE ~ THERE I DID IT ' kind of swag.. Amazing
    ~ Nate Robinson is hilarious on the bench; always talking and jabbing nonsense; at one point he got up and started dancing full fledged for 5 seconds; Him/Ray/Marquis Daniels appear to be really tight with one another; Avery Bradley didn't/doesn't say a WORD
    ~ Also, looks like NATE is PAULY P's #1 advocate...anytime Paul would hit a 3 .. he'd get up out of his seat, shuffle over a few seats and do a 'bird man' kinda movement with his arms holding 3 fingers upside down (opposite of Jose's infamous '3' gesture')
    ~ Tried talking to Avery Bradley and PP... they can hear you but don't comment
    ~ A guy behind me yelled out 'SHAQ, I BOUGHT KAZAAM ON VHS JUST FOR YOU'...SHAQ, (not looking at us and still watching the game) pointed to him..then rubbed his thumb/index/middle fingers together insinuating $$ and pointed to himself.. haha hilarious
    ~ DEMAR looks hungry and aggressive ~ despite getting blocked a few times; he still went at it over/over again till he got it ...
    ~ There was one play near the end where he got blocked..went up reverse of the glass for and AND-1 and punched the air yelling an expletive-YEAH ... Can't say I wasn't proud of KID-COM10 there
    ~ There seems to be a mutual love/respect between the two COMPTON bred atheletes in PP and DD... There was one play towards the end of the game where Shaq blocked Demar and he fell to the ground in the shuffle; paul fell over top of him and kinda stayed there to prevent demar from reaching for the ball; once the ball went up court; PP gave demar the 'big brother' love tap and whispered (what seemed like) a few encouraging words to him...
    ~ I was sitting where NAV sits, but one row behind him.. all the way to the CELTICS bench..
    ~ Joey's shooting two FREE THROWS and this guy behind us yells U SUCK JOEY!! YOU'LL MISS EM BOTH... out of knowhere ... NAV gets up and says ' SHATTTTUP!! SHATTTUP ... and points at him' lol
    ~ the guy rants again.. and quick as ever NAV's BACK UP OUT OF HIS SEAT at him with another SHATTTUP! #SUPERFAN
    ~ TRIANO was pissed the entire game; Not sure if it was entirely at the raps or officiating but looked like a bit of both
    ~ He gave it to Dorsey once and Kleiza got some too
    ~ Not sure if anyone noticed, he WALKED off the court before the end of the game while there was still 20 some odd seconds on the clock #NEVERSEENTHATBEFORE
    ~ There was one play when he got AT IT with the REFS and it was all because of #VINCELOVER Lawrence Frank
    ~ LF does ALOT of talking on the bench; calling plays and telling guys what to do ...
    ~ there was once instance when Barbosa was standing in the corner by the C's bench awating (what seemed to be) a set up play for an LB 3 ...
    ~ once he got the BALL, Lawrence Frank JUMPS out of his seat and yells some complete JIBBERISH (as if he's calling a play to his guys) but really it was to SIKE out Barbosa... JT immediately gets on the refs about this #HIGHSCHOOLSH*T
    ~ few minutes later... SAME PLAY, SAME LF CheapMOVE...
    ~ I was kinda suprised at the lack of professionalism...
    ~ After the game, I hung around for a bit got to chat with Bayless who's an awesome nice guy; Someone was taking a pic for me and was having trouble, he made sure that the pic was OK and IF i wanted to redo it... before he went into the locker room

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