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Thread: Oak as an asst coach?

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    Default Oak as an asst coach?

    There was an article in the Toronto Star today about how Charles Oakley wants to be a coach in the NBA - but nobody's knocking on his door.

    Should the Raptors?

    Consider this: in his prime, Oakley was one of the best forwards in the NBA. Even past his prime, he anchored probably the best Raptors team of all time (2000-01). He was tough and a great rebounder - two things the Raptors aren't at the moment. He was a fan favourite, is always quotable (ie - can get attention in a Leaf-first media market) and likely won't cost a ton of money. I don't really see much of a downside, except maybe a few hurt egos on the team.

    Should the Raptors take a chance on Oak?

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    Hmmmm......yes, but don't we already have Alvin?

    I hear the toughness argument but I'm not sure we need two guys preaching that. I think Triano could be much better served by an offensive minded assistant coach. He's already got the D covered with Iavaroni, only makes sense.

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