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I picked up Davis in the RR fantasy league a couple weeks ago. Just looking at some stats over the past 14 days. 7PPG, 6REB, 2BLK, 1 STL and close to 60% FG. That's an impressive stat line for a guy who is only averaging 22 minutes over those two weeks. He's also, for the most part, playing within himself as he's not turning the ball over often and with the exception of the odd game he's not been getting into foul trouble.
He is the future of this franchise. Even if he doesn't have a very flashy style of play, he is very smart and has all the fundamentals for a great PF. He's like Tim Duncan (although being as great as him would be pretty far fetched, but he could be close). Although I'm an avid Bargnani supporter, and for now he is the face of the franchise. But as soon as Ed matures and gets starter minutes I think he will be the franchise.