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Thread: New look toronto/memphis

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    Default New look toronto/memphis

    Raptors trade : Bargnani, Calderon, Weems, Dorsey
    Memphis trade: Gasol, Conley, Henry, Thabeet

    Not a bad trade, in terms of numbers, off by 3 mil, both teams would be -1,
    Raptors depth would be;
    Klieza/Wright/(Peja assuming hes gonna be dealt with soon)

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    I don't see it happening. They clearly want Calderon to link up with Marc. And a mass clearout at this point will affect both teams. They have a team that can easily compete in playoffs and they are clearly filling in the missing gaps - an experienced guard and a good bench. They will not trade any of their big guys Zack, Gasol and Rudy for Calderon.

    They will probably trade Calderon for Conley and a guard - Mayo or Allen.

    Mayo and Conley is a pretty good trade for the raptors IMO (despite the 6 year contract). We have two young point guards in conley and bayless. Mayo is a solid guard (minutes, shooting%, defending) for a 23 year old. And his arrival would mean Derozan has to work harder to stay there or bulk up for that open SF position. But a more realistic trade would be something like Calderon for Allen + Conley or Calderon + Weems for Mayo + Conley which is not too bad for us.

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