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Thread: Raptors Interested in Kings Omri Casspi

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    Quote pesterm1 wrote: View Post
    I just took a look at the Raps kings game chat on ESPN. They all hate casspi in sac-town lol.Some go as far as saying he shouldnt be in the NBA and its thre worst turn drop in preformance from season to season. if thery dont want him i dont want him either.
    Pretty much what I was thinking. Just didn't know they didn't want him either. haha

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    I believe the rumor indicates that Casspi is to be moved with Garcia's long contract. There was also some 'friction' with Dalembert in the organization and a possible sign of trade. With this in mind, I floated this idea in another forum:

    Casspi+Garcia+Dalembert for Weems+Stojakovic+Evans

    Kings get more expiring contracts, and youngish talent with Weems still. They are familiar with Peja and would welcome him back.

    Raptors get a young long/lean/lanky prospect in Casspi, who's better fit at the 3. With another G-F in Garcia, we can give up Weems now that Derozan is the clear flourishing prospect. We don't have plans for Peja or Reggie after their contracts. Dalembert would replace Reggie's rebounding, plus is more athletic and a good shot blocker.

    Dalembert / Davis / Alabi
    Bargnani / Johnson / Dorsey
    Kleiza / Casspi / Wright
    Derozan / Barbosa / Garcia
    Calderon / Bayless

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