Ok so all the rage these days is the "What can we get for Jose?" game. As most of you have heard, if you call yourself ball fans, is T-Mac is officially on the block, in fact he has been sent home indefinitely by the Rockets until he can be traded. So I fired up the ESPN Trade Machine and came up with this mockbuster 8 player deal that works on all fronts.

Toronto gets: T. Mcgrady, A. Brooks, J. Dorsey, and C. Budinger
Houston gets: J. Calderon, M. Banks, R. Evans, and A. Johnson

Toronto would use their trade exception from the Kapono deal and all told would take on about 3 million in extra salary this year. Each team would be trading 2 guards and two forwards.

That being said, I don't like trading Calderon unless maybe it was for a solid back-up guard(Brooks) and the 22+ million expiring contract of McGrady could make the offseason pretty interesting. What do y'all think?