Here's what Hollinger had to say today regarding the Raptors current state.

Matt (Toronto) - With Amir Johnson hustling hard, grabbing rebounds and playing well for the Raptors, how do you think they will implement Reggie Evan's when he returns (supposedly sometime in January). Do they manage Amir's minute to see what Reggie can do?

John Hollinger (2:30 PM) - Frankly I don't think Evans is good enough to play in their rotation. They'll probably give him some time just to see what he can do, cutting into Johnson's times, but Johnson is a much better player.
Jeremy (Toronto) - The Raps pulled off 4 quick wins against sub .500 teams this past week. They're now in the 6 seed in the East but it seems like fools gold. Are they playing well enough defensively during this stretch to prove me wrong?

John Hollinger (2:21 PM) - Raptors are definitely defending better, and I'm sure you folks up there have noticed that their defensive renaissance coincides with Jose Calderon's absence. I think they might end up 6th through no fault of their own, just because the rest of the conference is so bad.
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