Im just wondering why it seems losing a game that close (losing by 3 to Atlanta), probably under questionable calls, doesnt seem to initiate a wild reaction among the players and the coach.

I mean you play hard for 47 minutes and 50 seconds and you lose the game on 2 questionable calls (or non-calls) within 10 secs and it doesnt seem to bother you. Given they did say it sucked to lose or we tried our best, we played hard, but some type of reaction like "Man, we got dogged out there" or "Its hard to go up against more than 5 players" comments that will make them look like theyre sticking up for themselves and not lying down and get butt fucked by the refs.

Are they afraid of fines? losing the "respect" of refs? (which is really bullshit) or is this team just really a collection of pussies? seriously?