Trade works after January 20.

LAC become relevant. Gain salary cap space if he doesn't sign extension to offer huge contract to Jeff Green (which is a nice consolation prize) and still have 2012 MIN pick.

OKC gets their low post scoring and defensive presence which they are lacking for expirings, a back up PG, a prospect PF, and their LAC draft pick. They keep Jeff Green as well which made it extremely difficult to make the salaries and roster spots match up but I did it.

DEN gets 28 allstar C, promising SF, prospect PF, Ujiri's favourite prospect C, Cook gets a shot to see if he deserves to be in the league, cap relief for next year through expirings, under the luxury tax for this season, keep Chauncey, LAC first round draft pick from OKC, DET 2nd round from LAC, 2011 MIA draft pick from TOR, right to flip draft picks in 2011/2013 with LAC, 2014 1st round draft pick and MIN 2012 draft pick IF MELO SIGNS EXTENSION - no extension take the MIN draft pick out.

TOR gets a very promising PG, back up C on a reasonable contract (if healthy), instant offense and 3pt shooter off the bench, expirings, and MoPete can retire where it all began. Add depth to roster next season and only add $6M to payroll. Raptors draft an athletic SF and immediately become 3rd most exciting team to LAC and MIA (hey, a guy can dream can't he?).

What do you think?

Oh yeah, this would be hands down the largest trade ever in the NBA with 18 players.