As vocal as Antoine has been this season, I'm happy to see that his lack of playing time is something that he's taking in stride and supporting. Albeit some of it is because of injuries, but nevertheless commendable on his behalf. This is the type of veteran presence we need more of.

A slew of injuries -- right knee, left ankle, right elbow, right ankle -- have kept him from practising for a good chunk of his Raptors tenure. Unable to show much in practice, court time has been hard to come by.

In 10 of the past 23 games, Wright hasn't made it on to the floor. Some of those DNP's were injury related, others simply were the case of a teammate doing more with the time given.

None of this is news to Wright, who admits he has been somewhat frustrated by the injuries and limited playing time, but by no means is he surprised. He knows the two go hand in hand.

"Not being 100%, not being able to practise and get the reps and other guys doing well are all factors," Wright said. "You can't blame coach for plugging in a guy who is giving him more at the time."

In fact, Wright pretty much told his coach to do just that. When it became apparent that his playing time would be topping out at about eight or nine minutes a night, Wright suggested Triano go with one of the younger guys until he could put his health problems to rest once and for all.
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