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Thread: Colangelo Just Interviewed In The Tunnel By Rod Black

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    Quote Apollo wrote: View Post
    For those not watching the game...

    - He struggles with the losing but the young guys are getting a chance to grow.
    - He said they're rebuilding/retooling. He called them one in the same.
    - In the past they built around one player, Chris Bosh but now they're building around a core group of guys.
    - He said that they have no All-star and that hurts. Bargnani is the closest thing they have and it's going to be nice to see DeMar in the rookie/sophomore game.
    - He emphasized the importance of the draft and free agency.
    - He mentioned the flexibility they'll have in the summer. To paraphrase, with the uncertainty of the new CBA, it's great to have the flexibility we have.
    - He then mentioned the trade deadline but did not sound too committed to getting a deal done besides saying he's always proactive on the trade front.

    I kind of got the feeling that he's not fond on the idea of moving the TPE or Peja's expiring contract. It sounds like he's focused on:
    A.) Getting the young guys experience this season.
    B.) Using the two 1st rounders to bring in more young talent.
    C.) Use their flexibility in summer free agency
    D.) Maybe get some sort of trade done before the trade deadline but in my opinion, nothing involving the TPE or Peja.

    It sounds like a real deal rebuild and he said it was. Sounds like lots more losing to come this season but lots of excitement this summer.
    i would say lotss more losing this season and next and excitement to come next summer
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    Quote LBF wrote: View Post
    i would say lotss more losing this season and next and excitement to come next summer
    THat could be a real possibility. Even the Sonics/Thunder dropped 11 wins AFTER they drafted Durant and Green (31-51, 20-62). They only managed 23-59 with Durant and Green in year 2 and after drafting Russell Westbrook.

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