A lot of talk this season has been about what we should expect from this Raptors team, leaving a number of expected end results. Should they tank, trade up, contest each game.
From a fans point of view you always want the team to do well, but specifically how well.
This Season my goal for the Toronto Raptors is very simple. Get the 8 spot and play Miami in the first round. Why when we probably would lose. Very simple:
1. Toronto gets tons of exposure playing the ESPN's darling Heat.
2. Make it hell on earth for the Heat and make Bosh pay. Best way is for him to have to
come to Toronto and deal with the Fans in an intense situation.
3. Suprises can only do well for the franchise

Play the Heat in the first Round. Nuff said
What is your goal for the outcome of this season. Please be specific