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Thread: Raptors Searching For Big Trade That Yields Star

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    Quote Maleko wrote: View Post
    Usually agree with you Tim but I am not sold on Rubio becoming a star in this league, in fact I think he might become a so-so player who gets an attitude. Kick me if you want, but it's a feeling I got watching him at FIBA. As little of a supporter of Bargnani as I have become, I wouldn't make this trade.
    You might be right. I'm always a little concerned about a player who says he doesn't want to play someplace, no matter where that may be. It would certainly be a very risky trade.
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    Quote Shantz wrote: View Post
    That still does not sit very well with me Apollo.
    I'm not endorsing the idea. I'm just explaining a real possibility. I want to see them build internally like Oklahoma City. Key to that would be landing a future all-star in the draft with the high pick and an impact player with the second first round pick.

    I think Rubio would love to play in Toronto. Calderon, one of his international mentors, loves it here. So too did Jorge before the falling out due to his stubbornness.
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