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Thread: Raptors team slogan

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    Quote Ruuuuu wrote: View Post
    Hey guys here's a fun weekend activity that the whole family can enjoy....make up a team slogan for your Toronto Raptors !!!! Here's a couple:

    The Toronto Raptors: Your bridge from the Euro and D-League to the NBA

    The Toronto Raptors: Where NBA records are set

    (all the stars set their records against the Raps: kobe's 81, lebron's career high, dwight could have tried for 40-30 last night if SVG let him LOL)
    The Toronto Raptors: Canada's finest NBA franchise
    The Toronto Raptors: Where dreams go to die
    The Toronto Raptors: Gateway to the 1st dimension

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    The Raptors: Bargs, Demar, and a bunch of scrubs

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