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Thread: 4 - team trade

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    Default 4 - team trade

    Do you think Raptors could pull this off?

    Raptors get lots of young talent
    Clippers get more young players and get rid of davis contract (calderons isnt much better but still)
    Twolves try to sort out there problem at pg and get an amazing defender
    Houston gets more fire power in kleiza and bargnani

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    Minnesota is not taking on Davis. It is the 100% opposite of what they are trying to do (develop young players, keep cap space flexibile).

    LAC are not giving up Gordon - to anyone. Gordon and Griffin are the future of that franchise - and rightfully so.

    MIN has a PG - his name is Ricky Rubio.

    The type of talent and expiring contracts HOU is giving up returns a bonafide all-star, possibly a superstar - not Ridnour, Bargnani and Kleiza.

    I'm sorry but I don't think this trade makes any team better except possibly Toronto.

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    Minnesota are foolish to do this deal. why would they get rid of ridnour , brewer, flynn and ellington for a past-it-temperamental baron and battier. The clippers are keeping their underrated star guard Eric Gordon.

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    You're assuming that the people running the T-Wolves and Clippers are morons. So, in other words, possibly.
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