I have spent the last several months thinking about what we can acquire for Andrea Bargnani. I struggle with seeing him as a fit for out team, but he is a resource that we can use to acquire some talent for our building process as I'm sure there are teams that would see him as a good fit.

Toronto Trades: Andrea Bargnani and Sonny Weems

Sacramento Trades: Jason Thompson and 2011 First Round Pick

Why for Toronto:
Andrea Bargnani is a great offensive talent, but it is his effort on the defensive end that has been hurting Toronto for awhile now. Thompson on the other hand gives Toronto a Center with a more well-rounded game. He brings solid defense and rebounding, with a capable offensive game as well.
Toronto also acquires the rights to Sacramento's 2011 First Round Pick. If the lottery follows current draft position, Sacramento would be picking 3. Adding another top 5 pick (most likely) would allow Toronto to add two top talents in the upcoming draft. This would also double our chance at winning the lottery, which is Irving declares could give us a top PG for the future. We could also then add either a SF (Perry Jones or Terrence Jones) or another big (Kanter or Sullinger). If we don't win the lottery, we could use the pick to trade up for Irving.

Why for Sacramento:
The Maloof's (Sac's owners) have expressed a willingness to spend their added salary cap space in order to add talent to their team. Bargnani could fit that bill. Pairing Bargnani with Cousins could be a good fit. DeMarcus Cousins is a solid rebounder and strong interior threat. They could be a very strong offensive tandem, especially when you factor in Tyreke Evans as well.
Sacramento also allegedly has interest from other teams for both Carl Landry and Sam Dalembert. Giving them a couple trade pieces to continue their build. The could most likely add a mid-lottery for Landry meaning they are not giving up that much in order to acquire a high scoring big man.
They also have RFA rights to Sonny Weems as an added incentive.

Toronto's Future Line-up (depending on draft)

PG Kyrie Irving (hopefully) / Bayless

SG DeRozan / Barbosa (unless we can trade him)

SF Terrence of Perry Jones (if we draft one of them) / Wright (resign) / Kleiza (unless we can trade him)

PF Davis / Amir

C Thompson / Kanter (if we draft him) / Ajinca (if the trade goes through) / Alabi