I don't understand where all of this hate for Sonny Weems is coming from. We haven't seen him play in over a month and, though it is not the only factor, our defensive stats and winning percentage have gone down considerably since then. I know it's not just because Weems got hurt, there are a lot of factors, but he isn't the bad player people are making him out to be on here. About the same time he got hurt the regulars on RR were trashing Amir Johnson about fouls and productivity and were ready to give him and Sonny up for nothing. Now Amir is doing great and you rarely hear a bad thing about him.

My point is that I believe Sonny was in the same funk that Amir was in at the beginning of the season. Trying to feel out their role and figure out what they needed to do. It made us unhappy but with time Amir has figured it out and I have no doubt that Sonny would have done the same thing. Personaly I can't wait for him to get back so we can get some more firepower on this team.

Plus just because I know this is already making people mad I want to say one other thing. Last year Sonny came off the bench and was a good defender for us. He can still play defense. He's not an old man who lost his legs. His returning will be good for this team.