As if watching our team wasn't painful enuff this year, is anyone else finding it virtually unbearable listening to these morons talk this year. I used to be a big Jack fan, even met him and he was great. But come on.

There was a span in the late 3rd period where they rambled on for 7 minutes about other teams, NBA history, their karaoke CD, etc etc. It was nauseating, i actually yelled at my TV "shut the F up". Twice they interjected by saying the score...and then back to drivel.

I can understand if their wank producers are telling them to kill time, but personally, i would rather just hear the play by play without their mindless annoying banter. I find Paul Jones and E Smith do way better on their radio broadcast.

I feel like writing a letter to Rogers or TSN or whomever can address it. What do you guys think?