Definitely some good news and looking forward to having him in the frontcourt rotation with Bosh, Bargnani and Amir.

That being said, based on what Doug mentions in his blog this morning regarding Reggie, I'm not holding my breath.

I know very few of you are wondering but we chatted with Reggie Evans before the game and got this update, which I will mention once now and probably about 1,000 times over the next four or five days.

Heís better.

He had an MRI on Monday, it came back clean and heís hoping to start some serious on-court work soon.

Given his level of conditioning and the fact he hasnít played a minute of basketball for two months, heís probably a month away from putting on a uniform and contributing.

As for his work during this hiatus, he told us he can work on the elliptical trainer now to keep his cardio up, heís getting in some light, shooting, can dunk, make cuts on his sore foot without any discomfort and is generally in pretty good shape.
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