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Thread: DeMar is clutch, kind of

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    Default DeMar is clutch, kind of

    He is third in the league in Clutch FG%:

    But who cares.

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    I care, I think it's a good sign.

    I remember, near the end of december, after my exams were over, I wanted to do a comprehensive comparison of stats from Derozan's first and second year and compare it to Kobe, Arenas, K. Martin, etc. other SG's to perhaps see his potential or his ceiling...but then school started up and I don't really have time again .

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    Hump is the top of that list so I don't know what to think of it. The more meaningful sort order in that table should be points which is the closest number in there in terms of production. This stat does reflect DeRozan's preference to drive to the rim (shorter shots = higher FG%) instead of settling. He's also top 15 on that list for FTA, what all this probably means is that we should be going to DD more in a close game and see if his FG% can scale.

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