As the article states, the Raptors were quick turn the Bulls away from any prospect in trading Demar. Regardless, its nice to see him get recognized and that he's slowly turning some heads around the league.

If you were BC, would you consider parting with DeMar?

The trade front in Chicago has been pretty quiet despite the tour Chicago scouts and executives have been on evaluating possible trade candidates. Several Bulls' scouts and GM Gar Forman were in L.A. this week looking at possible trade candidates and sources close to the situation have pegged a few shooting guards as the Bulls' targets as the trade deadline approaches.

The Bulls have had eyes for Cleveland's Anthony Parker for some time, and are said to have him towards the top of their wish list. Parker missed nine game in January due to a back injury and has recently returned to action for the Cavs.

The Bulls have questions regarding any player with a back injury, so they will want to see Parker playing and proving that he is 100% before they'd consider triggering a deal.

A strong showing over the next few weeks could help Parker find his exit from Cleveland and the Bulls are interested in his progress.

Parker is in the final year of his deal with the Cavs and is owed $2.85 million, an easy contract for Chicago to absorb.

Chicago also had a long look at Houston's Courtney Lee and he could be the player they ultimately land. The Rockets are open to deals; however it's unlikely they move Courtney unless it's part of a bigger deal.

The Bulls have some excess in their front court and that's an area the Rockets are desperate to address.

They have also been linked to L.A.'s Shannon Brown, but due to his contract status he has the right to veto any trades and word is he's not looking to move anywhere.

The Bulls have apparently made runs at Toronto regarding DeMar DeRozan and were turned away and have made inquiries on O.J. Mayo with Memphis that went no where.
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