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Thread: The Truth: Raptors are responsible for Kleiza's injury

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    Default The Truth: Raptors are responsible for Kleiza's injury - one of the largest and most reliable sports media in Greece - exposed the real story about Kleiza's injury. The Lithuanian international had been complaining to Raptors' medical team for the past two months about excruciating pain in his right knee. The team's doctors ignored his pleas and insisted that it was nothing to worry about and that he should continue training at 100% and just go through some routine therapies until the pain is gone.

    Kleiza, having no other choice, listened to the doctors and continued training - and playing - at his 100%, having no idea the deterioration his knee was receiving, day by day. Needless to mention that the pain kept growing and at the same his performance started diminishing. Two weeks ago, and after having had just enough of his team medical's team criminal neglect, Kleiza made up his mind and told Raptors that he refused to play until the pain is completely gone. Not only the Raptors administration did not take his claims seriously but they were dissatisfied with his "unprofessional behaviour", still insisting that the injury was "nothing serious".

    Wow... whether 100% true or not this is a major blow to the Raptors.

    Look at our current roster and see how many players have missed games. Bargs, Amir, Bayless, Calderon playing through injuries. We might have the worst trainers in the league (Portland). Enjoy the all-star game Scott MacCulloch.
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