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Thread: The Truth: Raptors are responsible for Kleiza's injury

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    Quote Bendit wrote: View Post
    Thats a pretty blanket statement. Are you absolutely sure?

    "Excess demand"...because of universal health care? It must then follow that the US citizen either is very healthy not to burden the health care system there or is it because 40% cant afford/dont have medical insurance.

    Have a read ......
    Hey, I know you have to be patriotic - I am just saying what I see. The renumeration system for doctors here really sucks and the high standards of getting into medical school makes it a double whammy for the limited number of doctors here. The non-universal healthcare system in the U.S. placed specifically in the hands of private heathcare providers which some Americans can not afford contributes to the low demand relative to the number of doctors. The universal healthcare proposed by Obama can't pass through in the U.S. because there is probably no way to increase the number of doctors to prospective clients without lowering the standards of a medical degree which is highly risky - no one wants half-baked graduates in a life-saving job just saying.
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