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Thread: Take - 5 returns! 5 Plays to break down on Friday night vs. Wolves

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    Default Take - 5 returns! 5 Plays to break down on Friday night vs. Wolves

    Raptor Republicans!

    I'm back ya'll!

    Took me longer to make this video because I added in the new pause feature, which is still a BIATCH to edit.

    Congrats on the Raptors cementing themselves on NOT being worse than Minnesota and cutting down the losing streak to only 13. (Kyrie Irving finger-crossers are wearing emo makeup now..). You thought that was bad? Go ask Cleveland then...they broke the NBA losing streak record at 24 games! OH Snap!

    Guess what?
    The Raptors have no Barbosa, Reggie, Bayless, and Kleiza. Minnesota was pretty much all healthy, besides Beasley's foot! So the win has more refreshment to it than it initially had!

    There's enough games left that we can... start another losing streak? Blow our lottery with a 15 Game winning streak?

    We have another 5 plays to break down from that Friday night!

    **If you see any other details and analysis unfold, please be free to express them.**

    Enjoy the show!

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