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    Default Who will become who?

    Looking at the current Raps, which superstar/legend do you think each Raptor can potentially be compared to at the peak of their careers?

    and please no mushy BS like "they should be their own man" or "they can never be superstars, all-stars" crap. just play the game.

    Demar - Ray Allen. No problem scoring but cannot put up other stats.
    Bargs - Rik Smits. Can score but not a good rebounder for a big man.
    Amir - Antonio Davis. grit and hustle. not a double digit scorer but decent rebounder.
    E. Davis - potentially, and ill say it again, potentially, maybe Kevin Garnett. Knows his way around the basket, good shotblocker and rebounder.
    Bayless - Barbosa.
    Calderon - Mark Price. good FT shooter, good 3PT shooter. can score but not much, can pass but not not a double-digit ast player.

    Your thoughts?
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