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I don't think you're a very good judge of distance. 20 inches is already understating the distance between the catcher's mitt and the ground.

Do you see where it bounced? For it to come back up that high after the bounce means that it must have bounced long before it reached the plate.

No offense but if you were a sniper I wouldn't feel comfortable with you covering for me.Get off your high horse. If you saw balls like that all the time then why the hell haven't you figured out how far they are from the plate? I want you to compare that pitch with this one and guess which one was actually further away.


Protip: stop with the sarcasm--you're horrible at it.

I never said anything about trading Santos nor did I say he was a bad player. "To those of you who are still high on Santos:" is a warning. I'm not saying that he can't be an effective closer, but I'm just not convinced he's tier one material, unlike you rabid Jays fans who believe Santos is the next coming of Christ.

If you actually took the time to read my post then maybe you'd understand. Reading comprehension is key.
bahahaha, seriously i doubt the dude is even in the police force. why the fuck in any situation would you need him or he need to be a sniper? this isn't cod, ya goomba.