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Yes, well, let's completely discount his past two seasons and his terrific stuff cause he's overthrowing - after 2 games. Not like you should cut players any slack at all out of spring training. Maybe they should send down Lawrie cause he's striking out too much or move Escobar to AAA cause he's starting slow. You know, if Arencibia had made a play or two or Bautista didn't two-hop a throw from 15-feet past first base, the game would have been tied. But, yeah, we need a scapegoat, so let's crap all over the mystical "closer" rather than the lineup that couldn't get a run off a 30-year old garbage reliever throwing 85mph.

Carreno made a spot start cause: they are turning him into a starter, he was fucking fantastic last year for the Jays, they don't want to screw with Villanueva, Carreno can go into the bullpen as an extra arm and, who cares cause he's only making one bloody start. It's like people think this is a 12-game season.... Jebus. Little perspective would be nice.
i'm sorry... for you that is because there should be absolutely no other perspective after a 25 blown save season.

to me we have to be tough on the Jays because they actually have a chance. The other two teams in b-ball and hockey suck and nobody gives a shit about lacrosse and everyone is a pisstank at the soccer games.

if there's optimism it's the jays and that shouldn't be taken for granted.