Bosh faces Raptors in Toronto today

Toronto hosts the Heat today in Boshs first appearance at the Air Canada Centre since he signed with Miami after seven years with the Raptors. The Raptors say they have no hard feelings toward Bosh, and that his leaving was a business decision.

On to boo or not to boo Bosh

Yes he said a bunch of incredibly stupid things and might have mis-led general manager Bryan Colangelo into thinking Toronto had a better shot than it actually did of bringing him back (though Colangelo has been around long enough to read the tea leaves and surely knew Bosh wasnt coming back), but Carter and McGradys offences were far worse.

Evans: Bosh a different dude
No disrespect to Chris but Chris dont talk. He dont talk. Hes like ... he dont talk.

When it was pointed out that Bosh talked after every game with the media, Evans shook his head and muttered as much to himself, I didnt even know he was in the locker room.

Bosh didn't have leadership skills
For one thing, Bosh does not possess the leadership qualities required by a lead player in an NBA clubhouse.
Bosh is a fine leader by example but does not have it in his DNA to be the vocal No. 1 like a LeBron James, a Dwyane Wade or a Chris Paul has.

Chris Bosh tells Toronto fans: 'bring it on'
The Palm Beach Post reports that Bosh is looking forward to getting it over with, but he does have a straightforward message for fans in Toronto. "Im as ready as Ill ever be, Bosh said. So bring it on.

Raptors unfazed by prodigal sons return
Chris Boshs return to Toronto for his first game since he packed up his wool pea coat and joined the Miami Heat has become one of the most riveting sporting events of the week.

Miami Heats Chris Bosh ready for chilly return to Toronto

Im as ready as Ill ever be, Bosh said. Pretty much its been every arena that weve been at [players] have been extra motivated, fans have been extra motivated to either talk crap or cheer a little louder but Im as ready as Ill ever be, so bring it on.

Miami Heat's Chris Bosh ready for chilly return to Toronto