Regarding the officials and how they called the game last night in Beantown.

Does Jay have a point or is he just flat out whining?

"We have to learn to play like they do," said coach Jay Triano after the Raptors had their season-high five-game winning streak snapped. "That's where you play that hard of defence and not have fouls called against you.

"They play hard defence and they had one foul called against them in the fourth quarter. We have to learn how to do that."

There is an art to being physical overly physical at times and getting away with it and the Celtics, who were led by 23 points from Ray Allen, 16 from Rasheed Wallace and 14 from Kendrick Perkins, seem to have mastered it.

They bang and push and shove and hit and do it often enough and effectively enough that officials are either inured of it or too tired to blow their whistles on every possession.
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