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SF on Toronto's roster- Kleiza, Weems, Wright, Johnson and sometimes Derozan. 4 guys who can play one position and if BC brings Wright and Weems back, he would have used a first round pick on a guy who is the backup of a backup who is backing up another guy who shouldn't be starting in the first place (Kleiza). Oh and we might end up drafting Perry Jones who is another small forward.
Kleiza is out this year and looking like half of next year.
Weems is a SG and blew his opportunity.
Wright is a great worker, hustler, and seems like a good guy, I wish him all the best. But he is third string SF at best. 4 years of opportunities shows that.
DeRozan is a SG.

Johnson has had little chance in Chicago. He is a 6'9", 245lb SF. He has shown ability to rebound and defend based on his stats in college and limited action in the NBA. He puts up very similar to stats to Wright in nearly half the playing time. He has a contract of $1.8M next year and possibly $2.8M the year after. Very small risk financially, appears to be better than other SF options here, fills an immediate need with future upside possible.

I concede I wish the 1st round pick was not used but there are a lot of upside being neglected.