Former young first round draft picks dubbed as 'athletic' & 'solid defender'

Also who's value may be below market and may be untapped AND may be playing behind high end starter.... Diamond in the ruff if you will.

Player // age / Drafted / traded for / playing behind
A.Ajinka // 22yrs / #20 2008 / P.Stojac / Chandler
JBayless // 22yrs / #11 2008 / Ja. Jack / C. Paul
JJohnson // 24yrs / #16 2009 / Mia 1RD / Ldeng + Taj Gibson
J.Wright // 23yrs / #13 2007 / M.Beline / your mom

Not bad considering how well the weems + johnson for Delfino Ukic trade went I suppose he is trying to duplicate his luck.

To be honest I am not sad to see any of the above players who were sent to aquire those 4 leave town but the Mia pick we wont know about until later. Will Tristan Thomspson be available at that time??

If say 2 of these become rotation players (like weems and Johnson have). Then the BC looks smart. Maybe even savvy. Bayless has the best chance to stick IMO even though he has a long way to go - I think he might have the character and youth to still achieve.

Ajinka would be second most likely against because of his size and youth. IF he is committed he could be a decent back up center. Needs to work on his body big time though. But moves well for a big and can block shots.

The other two will seem destined for europe or D league. Jwright aint working on his jumper and could have become a Bruce Bowen type guy if he had incredible work ethic. It does not seem like he does because things which he could have improved on (like shooting wide open jumpers) are garbage... out side chance to stick as a reserve or stopper? dunno

This draft is huge for Raptors. They need a starting PG who can defend of point of attack. Another season like this and you are asking too much of emerging start like DeRozen to buy in.

If they can't get Irvin they have to put together a package even if it includes this year first rounder and get someone to run all these young players who is just like them.

The good thing is BC has assembled numerous players on the rise unlike previous acquisitions like Turk / Jack / Kapono / Jermain O'Neil / klieza who will only decline and are defensive liabilities.

If they can get that PG and dump Bargs + calderon in the offseason this team might even be fighting for home court by this time next year.