The name being floated around is Enes Kanter, a 6-foot 11-inch, 272-pound C/PF from Turkey. Is he good? I dunno. Imagine my horror when I went on ESPN's draft simulator and he came up for the Raptors.

Yes, I know it is set to "Harrison Barnes" right now. But not before. No, it was locked in on "unknown European talent that might or might not ever show up." Congrats on using your picks on The Invisible Man. Checking our recent draft picks is a bit of a horror story. Well not if you demand harsh consonants and a lot of "k's." And a lot of bad drafting.

Looking at the Raptors draft picks is a carcrash at times.

1st - 8. Rafael Araujo (just before Iggy)
2nd - 39. Albert Miralles (?)

1st - 7. Charlie Villaneuva (ugh, Joey Graham bad), 16. Joey Graham (UGH)
2nd - 41. Roko Ukic, 58. Uros Slokar (seriously, were you just going for hard k sounds?)

1st - 1. Bargnani (to quote Simmons "Bargs scores 24 pts/3 rebs, gives up 42 pts/14 rbs)

PJ Tucker, Edin Bavcic (STOP IT), no drafts in 2007 but wanted to take Milovan Rakovic and/or Stanko Barac, 2008 Hibbert @ 17.,

Finally DeRozan in 2009. Ed Davis in 2010.

Can we all agree it is time to let the experiment go? Stop with the Euro projects.