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Assists per game are down, club assists are up:

It's great, there are more guys who can make plays for teammates, its great. It's easier for the team.
Is your game where it needs to be?
No, I think it can better on both ends of the floor, my offense and defense need to be much better but it's only 4 games into the season. It's not going good right now but we're winning, or we won last night. I got to keep practicing and try to play good basketball. The good thing is guys are playing good basketball
On facing Paul, Kidd and Parker:

Like I always say, it's team defense. In the NBA nobody plays one-on-one, guys play pick 'n roll or two man games, so the whole team's got to rotate on shooters, it's team defense every time. We have to keep working at that, I think we're doing a better job. Sometimes they score 40 points because other guys didn't get involved. Sometimes you got to give something like that up. [The defense against Detroit] was good in the last five minutes. Everybody was talking , helping each other, we were missing that in the first and some periods in the third quarter. We got to do it for 48 minutes. I don't know but sometimes we make mistakes, we relax. But the last give minutes were good. You knew who you help was, it was good.
On playing with Jack:
It's great, for both of us, it's great to have each other. We have different speeds in the game. If you want to win you got to have two guys like us. Different kinds of players, it's a good thing when we play together. It doesn't matter who handles the ball, [it allows us to go at] bigger guards.