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Thread: PHX post game - Jeckyll and Hyde Edition

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    Default PHX post game - Jeckyll and Hyde Edition

    And there you have it.

    One game the Raptors inspire so much hope and optimism, the next I want to rip my heart out and mail it to the ACC locker room so they can give it a proper stomping.


    Nash showed what a great player and leader does. His stat line is not impressive but if you watched the game you know what he did. Gortat must be loving Otis Smith for sending him to PHX.

    James Johnson was active but hardly the presence he was vs. Chicago. That is probably not surprising. Only 2 games in, judgement still being formed.

    The defense had more holes than swiss cheese tonight. I'll leave it at that. Everyone shoulders the blame. From Bargnani right on down the roster. PHX ran a clinic in team offense and sharing the ball.

    23 games left.
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