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I've seen scrubs make about 3 points in 6 minutes, don't give me that BS. and no, they weren't the only two players shooting well. AJ shot 4/7, ED shot 5/7, Barbosa shot 7/13, we had 5 players in double digits, thats more than enough on offense. Our team played acceptably in offense, but it was our defense that killed us.

Look at the stats, Field Goal wise, we made practically the same number of buckets as them, albeit with even less possessions than them. What killed us was that they got 5 more threes and got to the line 11 more times. Both of those numbers reeks of bad defence.

Please, get off Sonny's d***. EVERYONE on this team played horrible defense, and no amount of offense or nice fantasy stat lines make up for the fact that we lost a winnable game in an atrocious fashion.
I don't like the horrible defense we played yesterday, but the worst (the new low?) was when they are making shots at a huge clip and still outrebounded us by double digits. If I was Triano, I would go in to the dressing room and say "Outrebounded double digits by the freaking Phoenix Suns - one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA. Nothing much to say. See you guys at 2am in the morning for practice" lol.