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it doesn't matter I was just playing. Canadians have a tendency to do well in high school disappear completely or do ok in college and if they make the league how long do they last? add on top of that, that there is more competetion at the point guard spot than any other position in the league. wait and see approach is probably the best thing for us to do.
Canadians? Ok, well he's out playing ALL of the American PG's in the states right now.
I'm not sure where you're from, or who you're specifically referring too, but the NCAA is already littered with Canadian talent, and there's only going to be more coming. I think you need adjust your opinion on 'Canadians' when it comes to basketball, because you might be surprised. The NBA will be seeing MANY more of them. Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson will only be the beginning.

Myck Kabongo is going to be big. Wait and see, indeed.