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Bargnani needs to be paired with a talented center. The Kings, Pistons and Bucks all have talented centers who play a more traditional game. Two out of the three have been in multiple rumors linked to potentially trading their pick. I don't care about how they use him, that's not my problem. You act as though the guy is a plague that no one would want. Fact is he's been in the line of fire from day one in Toronto and has handled himself admirably off the court. He's a talented scorer, who is still young and is very big. Teams looking for scoring punch, who have a strong big man and who think they can improve his weaknesses would probably be interested. FYI, the Bucks had the worst offense in the league last season.
I think the Bucks would be a good fit for Bargnani. Next to Dwight Howard, who else is better to have to hide Bargnani's weakness? Too bad Toronto missed it's chance with Chandler.