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Thread: Jose won't pull a "T.J."

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    Default Jose won't pull a "T.J."

    Rewind the tape...
    T.J. Ford, in his second season as Toronto's starting point man, hit the deck hard in Atlanta in December – this after Ford had played some beautiful basketball in a promising campaign's early days. In the wake of Ford's scary injury, Jose Calderon stepped into Ford's place as the starting point guard and offered some impressive contributions.

    And as easy as it should have been to root for Ford once he returned to the floor – he was, after all, at increased risk of a life-altering spinal injury on account of a congenital condition – he soon became a locker-room disease. He couldn't seem to view himself as anything but the starting point guard. He wouldn't view Calderon as anything but in his way. And the tension ruined everything.
    Fast forward...
    "I'm not going to disrupt the unit that we have right now," the coach said
    "It's Jay's call. I'm ready to help the team, and keep winning games," said Calderon on Tuesday, after he participated in his first full practice with his teammates since his injury. "If I've got to be coming from the bench the first two, three, four, five games, or whatever, it's Jay's call. He's the coach."
    "It's not like Jose and I haven't played together ever. We played together (earlier this season), and we co-existed well, I thought," Jack said. "So I'm sure however coach feels he's going to fit (Calderon) in, or however the strategy is, I'll be ready for it."
    "I'm sure we'll make it work, however it's going to," said Jack. "We'll be able to make it work. I'm not worried about it. I'm not worried about it at all."

    If we look back to Calderon's free agency one thing that was important to him was starting for a team. Time will tell if he keeps his same stance if he's still on the bench after 10 or 20 games...
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