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Thread: Would you welcome Bosh back?

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    Default Would you welcome Bosh back?

    Lets be a masochist here and torture the Bosh-haters (including me), but lets say, in some weird scheme (stars and planets aligned, seas calmed down), with Bosh not liking his situation in Miami, he calls a truce with BC and Triano, asks Miami for a trade and says I made a mistake and I want to come back to Toronto.

    Would you give up either Amir or Davis to get Bosh back? I mean feelings aside, Bosh is still a double-double monster if he is the #1 option on the team. If it meant shipping out Andrea, would you consider getting Bosh back?

    Do you think he is still worth rebuilding with? The Raps can either draft or sign a center and wing, with the nice picks and cap space....

    Personally, if i would consider my emotions, fuck no. But feelings aside, id probably consider a Bargnani-Johnson-Anjinca for Bosh trade.

    I know im gonna get pounded for this post but, what the heck.

    Any thoughts?
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