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Thread: Is this summer time to move Kleiza and Amir Johnson ?

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    Default Is this summer time to move Kleiza and Amir Johnson ?

    It was great to see Davis starting and getting comefortable beside AB. I am not sure when Amir will be back but I hope Jay keeps him on the bench where he belongs.

    The future starting front line for Raptors is AB and Davis which has a great balance for both offence, defence.

    With the emergence of DD as a reliable SG, and James Johnson as reliable back up SF, BC needs to move both Kleiza and Amir this season and use the money to get a legitimate SF. He will have almost 10 million to spent on a star caliber SF which can bring defense, scoring and rebounding to this team.

    I am hoping that we address the PG position through the Draft and move Jose as well. With Barbosa as a back up PG and Bayless as our 3rd string PG ( since he really is a 3rd string PG and not even a Back up PG), this team will not feel the absence of Jose.

    However, this is easier said than done since all three guys are quite over paid. But on the other hand, BC has shown us all that he is quite good on trading players which he signed the summer before and changing direction on the fly

    Come on BC, you can DO IT !!!

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