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AB is not going anywhere till BC is here. Plus, I am not willing to give up on AB yet. The guy can score 25 pts a games at ease and I belive under the right coaching and system and also with the right supporting cast and a Number ONE option on this team, he will be a valuable and irreplaceable piece to go forward.

Lets face it, AB is and is getting paid like a 2nd option or even a 3rd option in a good team.
Bargnani is in his 5th year and isn't getting any better. His defense has actually gotten worse. He DOESN'T score 25 pts a game with ease. He can rarely get to 20 without putting up 17 shots. Amir as the first big off the bench playing 25 minutes is more than enough time to warrant his rather average salary. Yes he is a role player, but every player on this team is a role player. Amir wins. period.